Bioclimatic Pergola

Aluminum framework with swiveling louver blades, designed to ensure optimal resistance against the elements. Moved by robust and powerful sistems motors. Being modular and having a clean design, it fits any kind of patio, terrace and outdoor space. It can be closed all around through either side awnings with zippers or windows.


Pergola system with retractable roof blades

Folding and retractable blades system. The opening and closing blades rotate in a single movement.

Elegance and refinement, Kedry Skylife allows you to customize any type of environment.

Infinite number of modules can be installed side by side.


Freestanding aluminum shading structure with orientable louvered roof composed by a perimetric carrying beam and relative applied gutter profiles that allow a correct water outflow. The movement with tubular motors.

Kedry Prime’s modularity allows the combination of multiple structures without having to double the central upright, keeping its unmistakable design. It can be fitted with perimeter closures: glass panels, Vertika and drapes.

Swiveling louver blades that allow light adjustment and protection from the rain, and ensure a perfect microclimate under the roof. The integrated LED spotlights ensure an illumination with reflected light.

A functional product for every season, to create new outdoor spaces, extremely liveable and functional. Elegant and customisable.


Solar shading aluminium freestandng structure with roof in adjustable louvre blade system consisting of a perimetral gutter which permits the louvre blade system movement and the water discharge. Movement done by linear motors.

Kedry Plus: in addition to the leaning version there is the wall-mount and support pillars and the other in roof style without pillars.

Design and elegance for the bio-climatic Kedry Plus

Kedry Plus allows the application of spotlights for more intense lighting

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