Screeny is a sum of high industrial technology and Italian design. The wide range with attention to details permits Customer to choose the best solution, the more suitable for both architectural and environmental.

Screeny 85

Awning with 85 cassette (round and square) and cable guide inox Ø2 mm. Available also without cassette. Available also with ZIP profile guide

Innovative and modern, the rollerblinds celebrate the design and minimalism of contemporary décor.

Screeny 110

Awning with 110 cassette (round/square) and rod guide Ø10 mm Available also without cassette.

Screeny is a range of wind-down blinds suitable for windows, verandas and porches. Elegantly designed, attention to detail and a wide range of accessories and fabrics, make this product suitable for any number of uses.

Screeny 130

Awning with 130 cassette and cable guide Ø4 mm in 2 versions (round/square). Available also without cassette. Available also with ZIP profile guide.

Design and innovation

Perfect for covering windows and curtain walls

Screeny 150

Awnings with 150 round cassette with cable guide Ø4mm. Available also with ZIP profile guide. Suitable for big opening, wall or niche installation.

Versatile system perfectly integrated into modern architecture

High performance and standards


The GPZ T model, with the tightening kit, grants the complete closing of vertical, oblique and horizontal openings. The profile guide can be mounted, both wall and niche installation. It fully integrates with the columns at adjustable inclination.

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