Rolled up fabric Pergola

Modular aluminum shade structures with roll-up fabric. Theycan be installed on the wall or ceiling. Sliding system through zip in the guides. The pergola awnings with folding cloth allows you to create coverage of substantial dimensions. We can place modules side by side with a minimum incline of 7 degrees.


Modular shading structure in aluminum with retractable fabric. Wind resistant up to class 6 according to UNI PR EN 13651 and water resistant. Modules are separately motorized: a terminal bar locks itself during opening onto the electromagnetic hook devices. The electronic control unit tensions the fabric on zip rails, ensuring a perfect tension even with a minimum inclination of 7°. Perimeter closing options with drop screens, zip screens, sliding glass walls. The Xtesa gives you the possibility to retract the front pillars and gutter up to 150cm from the standard position. If the structure has no spotlight lightbars and its overhang is wider than 4 mt, it will be equipped with a stabilizer bar.

An innovative pergola with a winding cloth system instead of the folding cloth one. Such element allows it to be installed even in extreme architectural environments, obtaining long projection with minimum inclination. Winding fabric unlike the folding one, it ensures little dimensions once closed.

Clean design, no crossbeams and support profiles for the cloth.

The winding fabric unlike the folding one, ensures little dimensions once closed. Thanks to a gas piston system, the fabric is perfectly tensioned

HYDRA model

Hydra Modular aluminum shade structure with roll-up fabric. It can be installed on the wall or ceiling. Sliding system through zip in the guides and spring tensioning. Fabric will be made through the union of half heights based on the total fabric height. Possibility of lighting with led strip on guides and box. Possibility of installing a manual box terminal on the front. Motorized operation of the structure only

The Hydra awning, with zip, boasts essential lines and a minimalist design. It has been designed to be attached to pre-existing structures, thanks to its perfectly finished wall mount. As none of the hardware is visible, it is the ideal product for adding a stylish finishing touch to your outdoor space.

KE introduces the 2020 novelty of the Gennius family, among the most complete currently on the market and strictly Made in Italy. The latest addition is Hydra, a pergola awning with clean lines and a refined design, with zip and wrapped fabric.

The wrapped cloth is completely enclosed within a new concept of cassette, which emphasizes its minimal aesthetic. Through the juxtaposition of several modules, the pergola awning is scalable in width, each with an independent fabric, thus allowing the coverage of large areas.

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